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"Uncoated Paper Stickers" , the best choice for both texture and affordability!

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Would you like a rough texture that doesn't appear shiny or reflective, and at a reasonable price? Uncoated paper stickers are definitely your best choice! Let's take a look ~~


1. Characteristics of Uncoated Paper Sticker Material

Uncoated paper stickers have a relatively rough surface and have not undergone any coating treatment. Therefore, they have excellent ink absorption and are highly suitable for surface printing. If there is a need for writing or stamping, uncoated paper is also a great option. Since uncoated paper stickers are made of paper, they are not waterproof and can be easily torn. They are commonly used for packaging stickers, displays, and decorative stickers.

PASTA&CO. 瓶貼 _模造貼紙_彩色印刷_平價 質感 bottle label
PASTA&CO. Olive Oil's bottle label

貼紙簿_ 模造貼紙材質_圖健貼紙_杰隆印刷 平價 質感

貼紙簿_ 模造貼紙材質 ( 圖片出處: 海流設計 貼紙簿 )

2. Types of Adhesiveness for Uncoated Paper Stickers

Adhesive : Regular adhesive Stickiness : Medium

3. Printing Effects of Uncoated Paper Stickers

Due to the untreated surface of uncoated paper stickers and their good ink absorption, Full-color blocks in printing often exhibit a characteristic visual effect of subtle mottling.Therefore, whether to use uncoated paper stickers depends on the design style of the artwork. If you want to achieve a vibrant and saturated effect, it is recommended to use coated stickers. Conversely, for printing small texts and color blocks in a localized area, uncoated paper stickers can produce satisfactory results without significant mottling.

模造貼紙_封口貼_模造紙印刷效果 Printing Effects of Uncoated Paper Stickers
Printing Effects of Uncoated Paper Stickers

4. Post-processing Applications for Uncoated Paper Stickers

Suitable: Uncoated paper stickers are suitable for post-processing techniques such as hot stamping, embossing, and die-cutting special shapes. Not recommended: It is not recommended to laminate uncoated paper stickers because lamination will cover the original rough texture of the uncoated paper stickers entirely.

模造貼紙_純打凸效果 後加工 打凹 打凸

瓶貼_模造貼紙_ 彩色印刷 _打凸+局部燙黑_貼紙後加工_杰隆印刷
瓶貼_模造貼紙_ 彩色印刷 _打凸+局部燙黑

5. Uncoated Paper Sticker Printing Samples

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